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Retrofits More Popular than ever!

What is Retrofitting?

Retrofitting refers to the addition of new technology or features to older systems (source). 

In the building industry the retrofit process can take many forms. Brookpark Design Builders has incorporated retrofitting into their main line of work in response to the demand business owners have expressed in preserving existing buildings.  One of the biggest advantages retrofitting has over new construction is the customer's ability to control costs. Whether it's one wall that needs to be covered or an entire building the process can be done in stages.

Below are pictures of a retrofit Brookpark Design Builders did with 3" of rigid board insulation under Panel Rib Wall panels on a 50 ft tall building.

Panel Rib Wall Panel Rib Wall - Building is over 75 years old Transformation Taking Place

If you're having problems with roof leaks that can no longer be patched, high maintenance costs and the deteriorating appearance of your facility a retrofit VP Roof System could be the solution to your problems. Whether your current roof is a non-metal or a metal roof…flat or sloped, Brookpark Design Builders and VP Roof Systems can provide a solution that gives you long-term, weather-tight protection.

Example of Engineered Standing Seam Roof on a Flat Roof

Example of engineered standing seam roof on a flat roof.

Why should I retrofit my building?

Buildings are just like cars, they require maintenance to ensure longevity. If your paying high heating bills, have leaks in your roof or are sick of looking at a constant eye sore, it might be time to consider a retrofit.

How Long will the process take?

Because all of the jobs we do are completely custom, we ask that our customers provide us with a detailed explanation of their needs to get an accurate estimate of the project time-line.

What type of building can you restore?

Brookpark Design Builders can retrofit any brick block or metal building up to 60 feet tall.